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Bentonite Performance Minerals is proud to be the first Wyoming bentonite supplier to receive ISO 9002-1994 certification for a bentonite production facility.

“Bentonite Performance Minerals LLC (BPM) began its history in 1928 near Osage, Wyoming as the Kansas City Silica Company, the first modern producer of sodium montmorillonite in Wyoming. BPM, then known as Baroid Division, National Lead Company, (Baroid) purchased the plant and reserves from Kansas City Silica Company in 1936. The purchase of the F. E. Schundler Bentonite Corporation in Belle Fourche, South Dakota, in 1947, initiated the construction of a new processing plant in Colony, Wyoming. Schundler’s large reserves of high quality bentonite placed BPM in the enviable position of having excellent quantity and quality reserves in Wyoming – a position maintained to this day.

In 1973, BPM closed its Osage mill and mines due to the low quality of the remaining reserves, too low in fact to meet the high expectations of BPM and its customers.

The next change came in 1981 when BPM brought its $21 million Lovell, Wyoming, bentonite facility on line during a period of peak demand for Wyoming bentonite (averaging 4.5 million tons annually). The years from 1982 to 1987 saw the Wyoming bentonite market dwindle to only 2 million to 2.7 million tons annually, causing BPM to temporarily close its Lovell facility in 1987. BPM reopened the facility in 1995 to meet demand for its products, even though overall demand was significantly below the world requirements encountered in the early 1980’s.

During 1990, BPM evolved as an independent company. In an effort to allow investors to identify market sectors and service, a new company called Tremont, with wholly owned subsidiaries, Bentonite Corporation (now known as Bentonite Performance Minerals LLC) and Timet, one of the world’s largest integrated suppliers of titanium metal, was created.

In 1993, Tremont restructured its business through the sale of Bentonite Corporation to Baroid Drilling Fluids, Inc. (Baroid).  In 1994, Bentonite Corporation and its parent, Baroid Drilling Fluids, Inc. were acquired by Dresser Industries, Inc.  Finally in 1998, Dresser Industries was acquired by Halliburton, combining the strengths of the two organizations and bringing BPM into the Halliburton family of companies.  BPM became a third tier subsidiary of Halliburton in December 2003 as Bentonite Performance Minerals LLC.

Into the Future…

Bentonite Performance Minerals LLC has sought a diversified market position to offer stability not only to the company but to its customers as well. Today, BPM enjoys double-digit market shares in major end use categories of Wyoming bentonite. These categories are Environmental/Construction, Pet Absorbents, Iron Ore Pelletizing and Oil Field Services. BPM is committed to new markets, products and technology. While our business success is firmly rooted in the historical markets for our product which form a firm basis for sustainability, much of our future growth will come from products we do not make today. This balanced business approach assures that as BPM looks to the future, you will be assured of the quality, service, reliability and integrity that began over 80 years ago.”

1150 E South Street, Powell, WY
remont Beverages has been quenching the thirst of new Pepsi generations for almost 47 years. Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Caffiene Free Pepsi, Mountain Dew, 7UP, Dr. Pepper, Crystal Pepsi, A&W Root beer, Slice, Nehi grape, Sunglo, Orange Crush and many more.
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G.K. Construction
1169 Lane 11 1/2
Lovell, Wyoming 82431


GK Construction is a mining and hauling operation which specializes in hauling coal, bentonite and gravel, but is capable of transporting close to  everything! 
Moving over a million yards of dirt a month with many different trucks and trailers on hand, GK Construction can provide you with the quality service you want and expect.
“No Job too big or Small!”
“Providing Quality Service to Customers for over 35 years! “

North Big Horn Hospital & Clinic
1115 Lane 12, Lovell, WY
Hospital, Doctor, Medical Clinic: North Big Horn Hospital/Clinic and New Horizons Care Center are located at the foot of the Big Horn Mountains in Lovell, Wyoming. We take pride in our facilities and our staff is fully trained and certified. We have varied services to meet your health care needs, including a Medicare Certified Rural Health Clinic which is conveniently located in the hospital.

North Big Horn Hospital District
Is a 15 bed Critical Access Hospital located in Lovell, Wyoming. North Big Horn Hospital District serves Lovell and the surrounding communities of Byron, Cowley, Deaver, and Frannie in northern Big Horn County, approximately 4,000 residents. In addition we have a high volume of tourists and seasonal workers that come into our area. We also have an 85-bed Skilled Nursing Facility, a 9-unit assisted living center, a 7-practitioner clinic, and provides emergency ambulance service to residents of the district. We provide a 24-hour emergency room, radiology and laboratory services. Home oxygen, physical and occupational therapy are additional services we offer. We are proud to offer digital mammography, peripheral artery disease testing, and bone density testing. We offer blood pressure checks at no charge anytime and provide 1st aid and CPR classes monthly. We have Cancer Support Group, Care Givers Support Group, and Diabetes Support groups available for the community. The local Chamber of Commerce recently honored the hospital as the oldest continuously operated business in town. We employ approximately 240 individuals and are the county’s largest employer.
North Big Horn Hospital Clinic
Has 7 medical providers and is open Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon. Our Emergency Room is open 24 hours a day. We are proud to be a level 3 Patient Centered Medical Home. Call (307) 548-5201 for appointments.

New Horizons Care Center
Is home to approximately 80 elders. Our facility is individual centered. We offer family styled dining on long harvest tables, choices of the elders are considered in the care we provide. The focus is on living. Elders are free to choose when to get up in the mornings, when to go to bed, which activities to participate in, when to bathe, and what to eat.  “

Wyo Ben, Inc.
1062 Road 9, Lovell, WY
Leading manufacturer of Bentonite Clay based products. Our materials are used worldwide.

“Wyo-Ben was founded in 1951 and remains a privately held company headquartered in Billings, Montana, USA. Our three bentonite processing facilities are located in the Big Horn Basin region of North Central Wyoming and South Central Montana. Our employees are focused on quality and continually look for new and innovative solutions to customers’ needs in the global market.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality mineral-based technology solutions, with the highest level of service excellence to our customers; to provide opportunities for our associates and enhance the success of our organization; to add to the vitality of our community; to be responsible stewards of our environment.”