Town or Office

Shoshone Conservation District
359 Nevada Ave, Lovell, WY

Wyoming’s Conservation Districts provide leadership for the conservation of Wyoming’s soil and water resources, promotes the control of soil erosion, promotes and protects the quality of Wyoming’s waters…

Town of Byron
P.O. Box 5, Byron, WY
Heidi Brightly – Mayor, Council Members-Alan Bair,Sydney Hessenthaler, Walter Roman,Gary Peitrich
Town of Cowley
20 S Division Street, Cowley, WY
Joel Peterson – Mayor

Cowley is a picturesque little town full of family fun and rich in history located just 5 miles from Lovell, WY, and just a few miles south of the Montana border. The town of Cowley was settled by a group of Mormon pioneers called to settle Wyoming’s Big Horn Basin. The town was named in honor of Matthias F. Cowley, one of the Apostles of the LDS Church at the time. The first company of pioneers arrived in the area on May 2, 1900, and began the construction of the Sidon Canal to bring water to the town from the Shoshone River. The canal was over 30 miles long and was not completed until 1904.

Today Cowley is known for its excellent Education System it’s draw as a fantastic place for young family’s to settle. Each July, Cowley hosts an annual celebration, known locally as “Cowley Pioneer Day”, which is held on the Weekend closest to July 24, to commemorate the town’s pioneer heritage. The celebration usually packs in a range of activities including a parade, pioneer heritage program, rodeo, dance, and town barbecue. Cowley’s pioneer heritage is also remembered year-round in the Cowley Pioneer Museum, located on Main Street in Cowley, in the same building as the town hall.
Town of Lovell
336 Nevada Ave, Lovell, WY
Angel Montanez – Mayor